Trading Volume 24H
Total Value Locked
Fully Realized interoperability
of liquidity for Bitcoin network assets
Fully covered assets on Bitcoin's Layer 1, Bitcoin's interoperability layer, and Bitcoin's layer 2, with the MAP Protocol interoperability layer as the starting point, enabling any swap of assets across the three layers
Liquidity Interoperability between
BTC and EVM Ecosystems
HiveSWAP supports the peer-to-peer interoperability of assets from mainstream EVM chains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Klaytn, Conflux, NEAR, Tron, etc., enabling the swap between assets on the Bitcoin network and EVM ecosystem assets
Supporting the swap of inscription assets
with various types of assets
Enabling inscription assets to have sufficient liquidity in the decentralized world.
Supporting the swap between
$BTC and other types of assets
Supporting liquidity pools for $BTC-related assets and other assets, to meet the decentralized liquidity exchange needs of $BTC asset holders
HiveSwap will continue to deploy on emerging Bitcoin Layer 2 networks, providing liquidity services for the overall Bitcoin network ecosystem
To incentivize more users to add liquidity, HiveSwap adopts a liquidity mining model to generate tokens. To meet the diverse needs of the market, different incentive schemes are set to various trading pairs on different infrastructures. Meanwhile, HiveSwap offers a variety of utility scenarios for its platform token and operates on a model of platform fee buyback, ensuring a continuous reduction in the total supply of the platform token.
HiveSwap adopts an industry-proven and robust SWAP technology framework, ensuring both the reliability of exchanges and the security of user funds after adding liquidity pools, all under the protection of mature technology.